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The NewCourtland LIFE program provides holistic, comprehensive care options to seniors with an emphasis on enhancing their capabilities and sustaining them in their homes.

About LIFE

The NewCourtland LIFE Program serves older adults who are in need of nursing home care and meet other requirements but desire to live in their own home or community, as independently as possible for as long as possible. Modeled after the Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly or PACE, LIFE, or Living Independently for Elders, is a Medicare program that enables seniors to receive the care they need in the community as an alternative to nursing home placement through the support of a dedicated team of professionals who coordinate every aspect of their care.

Experts in working with older people, the interdisciplinary team of professionals at the NewCourtland LIFE Program work to develop a comprehensive plan of care based on each participants' unique needs. The NewCourtland LIFE Program then provides all the care as prescribed by the interdisciplinary team.

Participants of the NewCourtland LIFE Program never have to worry that their inability to pay will prevent them from receiving the care they need as the NewCourtland LIFE Program provides coverage for prescription drugs, doctor care, transportation, home care, check ups, hospital visits, and even nursing home care whenever necessary.

For individuals who qualify, Medicare and Medicaid will pay for the member's care. Most members who have both Medicare and Medicaid pay nothing for the program. In other cases, members pay for a part of their care or all of their care if they pay privately.*

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* Since LIFE is both a Health Plan and a Health Care Provider, all needed care, other than emergency services, must be provided by LIFE. The member may be fully and personally responsible for the costs associated with any treatment not authorized by LIFE or received outside of the LIFE Program Network, except for emergency services.


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“The NewCourtland LIFE center is awesome and the people are very nice. I’m always talking about the fun I have there. I really enjoy myself.”
-Ms. Isabella Ambrose
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