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The NewCourtland LIFE program provides holistic, comprehensive care options to seniors with an emphasis on enhancing their capabilities and sustaining them in their homes.

Q & A – What Does NewCourtland LIFE Cost?

Q. What will I have to pay to participate in NewCourtland LIFE?

A. What you pay to participate in NewCourtland LIFE depends on your financial situation. If you are on (or eligible) for Medical Assistance, and living in the community, there is no cost to you. I you are on Medicare but not Medical Assistance, you will have a monthly premium to pay unless you are eligible for Medical Assistance coverage. If you are not eligible for Medical Assistance, you can privately-pay for LIFE services.

Q. What services are NOT covered under my loved one’s enrollment?

A. NewCourtland LIFE covers the same services that other Medicare or Medicaid health plans cover, except in an all-inclusive setting. When you or your loved meet with the Intake Coordinator to discuss the Enrollment Agreement, a handbook that lists any exclusions and limitations will be provided If the participant needs care while outside of the area (such as emergency or urgent care), you will need to notify NewCourtland LIFE within 48 hours or as soon as it is reasonably possible to do so.

If hospitalization outside the area is needed, NewCourtland LIFE will work with the care providers to transfer the participant back to contracted facilities when appropriate. Any service rendered outside of the United States is not covered.

Q. Does the participant have co-payments or deductibles?

A. No, once the individual is enrolled in NewCourtland LIFE, they have no co-payments or deductibles. Also, all medically necessary prescription drugs and necessary over the counter drugs are covered under the NewCourtland LIFE Medicare Part D benefit.

In some cases, depending on the participant’s eligibility for Medicare and/or Medical Assistance, there may be a monthly premium required to participate in NewCourtland LIFE.

Q. Is home nursing care an extra cost?

A. No, all authorized services are covered by the program at no cost to the participant. A monthly payment toward the cost of care may be required if a nursing facility placement occurs. At that time, income and family situation will need to be reassessed based on Medical Assistance income requirements for nursing facility placement. The state may apply cost-sharing based upon income and family situation if the participant is placed in a facility for more than 30 days.


If you or someone you know is interested in joining LIFE, call 1-888-530-4913, E-mail us or click here to make a referral to find out how our social and healthcare services can help improve your quality of life.


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“The NewCourtland LIFE center is awesome and the people are very nice. I’m always talking about the fun I have there. I really enjoy myself.”
-Ms. Isabella Ambrose
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