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“The NewCourtland LIFE center is awesome and the people are very nice. I’m always talking about the fun I have there. I really enjoy myself.”
- Ms. Isabella Ambrose

LIFE Enrollment

How Do I Enroll in the LIFE Program?

Enrollment in NewCourtland LIFE depends upon the older adult meeting certain eligibility requirements and includes four steps (Intake, Assessment, Determination of Medical and Financial Eligibility, Enrollment/Final Approval).

To determine if you or your loved one is eligible, we invite you to talk with one of our professionals. Just call us toll free at 1-888-530-4913 and our Intake and Enrollment specialists will review eligibility requirements, listen to your specific needs and answer all your questions.

Next Steps

After having an initial discussion with us about the NewCourtland LIFE program and it is determined that you are potentially eligible, enrollment involves the following steps:

  1. An outside opinion must confirm that your situation qualifies you for our services. The local Area Agency on Aging (Philadelphia Corporation for Aging) will determine your medical eligibility for the program after making an assessment of your level of care needs. The local County Assistance Office will determine your financial eligibility for the program, if applicable.

  2. Our interdisciplinary health team will work collectively to identify your health needs and goals for achieving the best quality of life. If our program services match your needs, we’ll map out the types of services and schedule that might work best for you and your loved one.

  3. You, and if you wish, your family or caregiver, will meet with the program representative to review and come to an agreement about your participation in the LIFE program. Also, what to do should you become unhappy with the LIFE program will be discussed. Enrollment and final approval involves answering any final questions you he signing the Enrollment Agreement.

A Few Things to Remember

Since NewCourtland LIFE provides comprehensive care for its participants, enrollment means leaving (disenrolling) any other Medicare or Medical Assistance health plan.

When enrolled in NewCourtland LIFE, all of your Medical Assistance and Medicare services must be authorized or coordinated by the program health team. (Remember, approval is not required for emergency care).

If you meet eligibility requirements and want to enroll, you must sign and agree to abide by the conditions of LIFE, as explained in the NewCourtland LIFE Program Enrollment Agreement. The NewCourtland LIFE program is a voluntary program. Your benefits under LIFE can be stopped if you choose to disenroll from the program voluntarily or if you no longer meet the conditions of enrollment and are involuntarily disenrolled. NewCourtland LIFE can terminate your benefits if:

  • You move out of the LIFE service area.

  • You move into a licensed Personal Care Boarding Home.

  • You consistently do not comply with your individual care plan and/or terms of this agreement and are competent to make decisions for yourself.

  • You engage in disruptive or threatening behavior.

  • You fail to pay or fail to make satisfactory arrangements to pay any amount due LIFE after a 30-day grace period.

  • You are out of the service area for more than 30 days without prior approved arrangements.

  • You no longer meet the eligibility requirements for the program.

  • Our agreement with the federal and state government is terminated.

  • LIFE loses the contracts and/or licenses enabling it to offer health care services.

Before you are involuntarily disenrolled from LIFE, we will provide you with 30 days written notice. Your disenrollment will be effective the last day of the month after 30 days notice.


If you or someone you know is interested in joining LIFE, call 1-888-530-4913, E-mail us or click here to make a referral to find out how our social and healthcare services can help improve your quality of life.


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